Serve Others

The Mission and Outreach commission seeks to be a living reflection of God’s love by doing God’s work and sharing God’s love – in action.  We aim to serve, help, support, encourage and empower others in need, by giving of our time and talent in many different areas.  We strive to have people help people, and communities help communities, both locally and in other areas of the world.  Through seasonal projects, programs and activities we strengthen the world by strengthening each other.


Mission Possible is a yearly mission trip to do construction projects for disaster relief in various places around the region.  Adults and older youth spend a week together showing God’s love by using our hands and hearts, tools and machines.  It is a week of work and fellowship to make a part of another community more sound, secure and strengthened.  We receive the same gift in return.   A Mission Possible team member once said, “a week’s vacation serving others is a week’s vacation for the soul.”  Local projects are also taken on during other times of the year when needs arise.

The Community Service & Outreach Initiative (CS&O) has recently been developed to connect local individuals and families to services and assistance, both from established service agencies as well as from volunteer individuals and groups.   We will be identifying specific unmet needs of Frenchtown area residents and begin development of programming to meet those needs.  We will be creating an online community service “connection” where residents can “sign up” to help those in need.