Frenchtown Presbyterian Church, Frenchtown NJFrenchtown Presbyterian was constituted on May 16th, 1849, by a committee of the Presbytery of Raritan, and Reverend Samuel F. Porter was called as the pastor. At that time, religious services were held in an old wheelwright shop near the intersection of Harrison and Third Streets.


Growth in Frenchtown was booming, in part because of the Pennsylvania Railroad service, and the young church needed room to grow. So, in 1854 a new building was constructed on Fourth Street. The chapel, built on donated property, measured forty by sixty feet, cost $5000, and all obligations had been met at the time of the dedication.


For more than a century, the church prospered under the leadership of several pastors. In 1969, Reverend William O. “Tex” Culton was called as the pastor. During Rev. Culton’s ministry, from 1969 to 2009, the church flourished and grew, even as Frenchtown changed and entered the twenty-first century. Under his leadership, additional worship services were added and programs expanded.


In 2004, seeing the need for new facilities to accommodate continuing growth, the church launched an ambitious renovation and construction project. The sanctuary was remodeled, the fellowship hall was remodeled and expanded, a new kitchen was added, the basement was expanded, and office space was installed above the fellowship hall.


The Rev. Patrick W. T. Johnson served as pastor from 2009 through 2015. The church has been served during this transition time by an interim pastor and is preparing to elect a new pastor in the spring of 2017. During this search for the next installed pastor, the church leadership has renewed our commitment to serve the community through its hospitable facilities, its dedication to nurturing youth and its expanding programs of community outreach.