This Sunday at Frenchtown Presbyterian Church

July 15th, 2018 Rev. Bob Tomlinson from Presbytery will be preaching.  The Sermon title for this week will be titled  “The Essence of your Heart”

                     Genesis 6: 5-8 -God’s reason for the flood
Leviticus 19:13-16 – Part of the rules for living together
James 1:2-8  –  New Testament letter
Mark 6:14-29  – King Herod kills John the Baptist”

The Committee on Ministry (COM) is working on finding a pastor to be with you on Sundays though the summer and then an Interim-Pastor to start in September. You might have heard of the Session-Deacons coverage for pastoral care, backed with local pastors and a weekly duty pastor from another churches in the presbytery. These and any other topics you wish are open. If we have too many questions for our time together this week, we will make a list and address them the following week.